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Bass Cat ACCU-CULL Weigh-in Bag with Mesh Insert

Price: $59.99

Designed to perform multiple functions for taking your fish to weigh in.

– The built-in handle helps you carry the bag without dragging it on the ground or walking awkwardly to the dip tank/scale.
– With a mesh insert in the bag, you can just pull the mesh liner out with the fish in it.
– Simply set it into the dip tank so fresh water can circulate through it easier while waiting in line.
– No more having to dump water out and pour it back in with the Accu-Cull Weigh-IN Bag system.
– The "Weigh Master" can use the mesh bag to weigh fish in so they are less stressed from being handled.
– Simply hand the mesh bag of fish back to the angler, putting the mesh bag in the water he carried up to the tank and taking the fish to the release boat.

Less handling, less mess and less time the fish are stressed.