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MotorGuide Safari Weedless Propeller

Price: $34.00
MotorGuide Safari Weedless Propeller is an excellent two-blade prop built on a tapered-hub design that leaves no gap between prop and housing.  The combination keeps weeds moving toward the business end of the lower unit where the curved blades provide cutting function and thrust to throw them clear.  The prop is constructed from durable glass-filled nylon so it can endure run-ins with stumps and rocks hidden among the vegetation.
Safari fits all 3-1/2" diameter MotorGuide trolling motors, from 35 pounds of thrust 12-volt models all the way up to the most powerful 36-volt motor.
ATTENTION: If your motor has a sacrificial anode on the lower unit skeg that contacts the propeller, please replace it with teh anode supplied in the Safari Prop packaging.