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QuickSlip Trolling Motor Adjustment

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Price: $65.00

The Quick Slip makes changing the height on your trolling motor a breeze. Adjust your trolling motor height with a flick of your wrist. Why didn't we think of this?

Installation Instructions
1. Unscrew existing Mfg. knob from factory housing/depth collar & remove retaining washer and spacer. Take note of washer and spacer orientation as removed.
2. Insert new Quick Slip Shaft & space assembly through factory housing/depth collar & replace retaining washer as needed. Note: spacer and washer should be in same orientation as removed.
3. Thread Quick Slip assembly into factory housing/depth collar; adjust cam locking tension by threading Quick Slip Shaft in or out as needed.

Open and close cam lock by engaging shaft lever, raise and lower motor shaft depth to desired position with cam open and lock back down when complete.

** Caution: Use of Motor Guide aluminum spacer may cause unwanted corrosion.

Sizes to fit most MotorGuide and Minnkota trolling motors.

Follow link for a video/ article on what the Quick Slip does.